TrueCar Partner Homepages

ASK: to create a universal TrueCar Partner Homepage that could fit across multiple partners while working with each Partner's individual style guide. 

PROCESS: Choosing slightly difficult photos to work with for the hero (as many times they are given by the marketing team from the partner’s side) I created two versions of possible universal Car Buying Homepages. One with input fields and CTAs centered over the photo, with the title and logo above, and one with input fields and the CTA centered, straight across, toward the bottom of the hero image. Either could be used depending on what kind of search option the partner decides. The ‘Benefits’ and ‘How it Works’ sections are very similar in all the comps save for whether or not the partner wants a clear separation of the content. Each comp was created with the partner’s style guide fonts and colors but uses the TrueCar font sizing, icons, and text lockups. That way though it is a different website it still feels closely related to a TrueCar product.