ALG Residual Value Workbench Redesign

ALG analyzes a wide variety of macro, industry, and market factors to create the industry's benchmark depreciation forecasts. That being said, the data that ALG analyzes is dense but still need to be understood by people in the industry who want to forecast sales.

ASK: To redesign the Residual Value Workbench with ALG’s new style colors and TrueCar’s style guide.

PROCESS: This process was LONG. It took months learning the ins and outs of all the vehicle data. The different ways it could be searched for and then graphed, boggled my mind but I had the experts helping me out. We would trade sketches with what we thought the tool should look like and how it should perform. After a while we had a great hybrid that I could begin digital iterations with. There were still many questions that needed answering once digital comps began. I brought in the questions an intuitive user might ask and I got questions about how someone who might be more data driven and wants real time answers might ask. In the end we made a great working tool that still had some bugs but looked wonderful and behaved so much easier than before. BUT after all that, the resources to launch the product after the initial development dried up and it’s been sitting in QA until someone can take it on again. I hope to see it up and running on the soon. Take a look at the previous (and current, unfortunately) Residual Value Workbench Page below.