My Dentist Office Has Disappeared

November 3, 2015

I have called on several occasions to make a follow-up appointment for my braces. The line rings and rings and rings until it goes silent. There is no answering machine, the line just cut off. I have gone to visit the office to make an appointment in person but it seems that the building is different. I don't know how. It just looks unfamiliar from the last time I was there. I take the elevator to the sixth floor and find that the office is open but there is no one there. The waiting room looks the same. The TV is still playing Angels in the Outfield but no one is behind the desk to speak with. I go through ti the back to se if any of the doctors are around. The equipment is gone. There are no more reclining chairs, no more mouth lamps, and no more X-ray machines. Everyone and everything is gone. I walk out of the office, into the elevator, and back down to the main lobby. I hate having to research new dentists after the ones I have mysteriously vanish. This is the second time it's happened.

The 100 Day Project?

January 14, 2016

Yeah, I didn't even get to ten days. In my defense, I was in the middle of my Thesis final. I am going to attempt to reboot it this year but perhaps not with mini stories.

The 100 Day Project: Day Nine

April 14, 2015

The glare of the sun was reflected in her glasses. "Why did I tell myself to walk all the way to the lake?" She thought to herself. Going to the lake was always her favorite spot to read. it was a quick bike ride or walk away from her apartment. The sun beamed down on her. Luckily, she left in the morning. If it had been any later she would have turned to ash on the side-walk. As soon as she arrives at the lake she runs fully clothed into the water....

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The 100 Day Project: Day Eight

April 13, 2015

She sat on the bus sand-witched between a woman with too many bags and a man reading a political novel. Listening to her music at full volume she thought about her day. It had been a regular, semi-productive day at her job. She was a copywriter, and, to tell the truth, she hated it. She wished to be an author, if only a publisher would like her novel enough to publish it. She knows her novels are good because she writes about what she knows and she knows she is a good writer. Pulling the stop wire, she wedges herself from between her seatmates and escapes the bus. Since it's a nice day, she decides to take the scenic route through the park. It is uncommonly busy at this point in the evening. Maybe because it has been the first warm day in a long while. She admires the painting class she strolls past, the unsupervised children running around in circles, and the always enthusiastic roller bladers. Looking around at everything else instead of what's in front of her, she collides with a person who was carrying a stack of books. "Oh shit," she says aloud while rapidly picking up the stack that is now laying on the floor. As she looks up to hand the books back to the stranger while being extremely apologetic, she immediately recognized the face of her favorite writer.

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The 100 Day Project: Day Seven

April 12, 2015

Looking over the city and enjoying the Spring weather, He thought about what constitutes a box. A box that traps people into similar life situations or habits. Scanning the city, he imagined a person somewhere in downtown, who is bound by the need to make more money. That is his box, this made up stranger. He thinks about all the things in life this stranger may have missed because of it. His daughter's first steps? A chance at a once-in-a-lifetime relationship? Maybe even missing a day like today to put in more hours at the office. He then thinks about himself. "What is my box?" Whatever it is, he thinks its a perfect day to break out of it.

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The 100 Day Project: Day Six

April 11, 2015

New York City is beautiful in the winter. Specifically, Christmas time. People are constantly moving in and out of stores. God forbid you find yourself at the Macy's at Herald Square. You would need to climb over bodies and claw your way out. But, if you just take a day to watch people buy things for their loved ones you will feel this warm feeling that you can only get at the start of the winter holiday season. My favorite Location is the Union Square pop-up holiday gift shops. They pop-up in the park a month or two before christmas. I usually grab a cup of hot apple cider at the Union Square farmer's market and stroll around the gift shops listening to the sweet sounds of Christmas carols. I browse though the different selections of gifts from each store front. This is all happening while I listen to the sweet conversations that occur when a person wants to buy a loved one the perfect gift. Nothing feels more like christmas than being in this setting. If I'm lucky it might even snow. In these moments I wish it could be Christmas-time forever. Christmas carols never get old and neither does the feeling of giving.

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The 100 Day Project: Day Five

April 10, 2015

Do you know the sounds you hear when you float in a body of water with just your face surfaced above it? That muffled sound of the world? That's the best part of being in the ocean for me. You forget the world until a little kid comes flailing past and gets salt-water in your eyes. I could lay forever muting out the world and staring up at the cloudless sky. I sometimes think that I can be so at peace that my body will be taken by the currents and I will float off into the Gulf of Mexico. My feet would get tanged in slimey seaweed, tiny fish would swim through my hair and sharks would swerve underneath me. I wouldn't care less as long as I was focused on the sky and listening to the splashes of the water on my ears. The thing about floating is you cannot lay there forever. Eventually you will miss the sounds of people's voices and the differences in their faces. And you'll realize the same reason you miss floating will be the reason you miss everything else. Just then, a kid swims flailing past and splashes salt-water in your eye.

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The 100 Day Project: Day Four

April 9, 2015

Neo-Amazonia. Sounds like a dream come true right? About a century back there had been a freak virus that only effected men. The world lost fifty percent of its male population. For a while afterward there were laws placed on the encouragement of choosing to biologically choosing to have sons. The women of the world came together realizing that this was an opportunity to create the first ever world matriarchy. There were successful political overthrows in every country across the globe. The more radical women decided to only have biological children with the bone marrow of other women. A process that produces more daughters. The women who wanted relationships with men had a bit of a problem. Because of the shortage of males, there seemed to be more than one woman to the existing men, a situation the radical women hated. The men were then separated and were used only for mating purposes, never love. The only love that existed now was the love between sisters, mothers, and friends. What then would happen if a pair of biological sisters fall in love with a man they were only meant to mate with?

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The 100 Day Project: Day Three

April 8, 2015

The ground hums and slightly vibrates. It is dry and cracked. All of the Earth looks this way. Dead. Shriveled branches of formally full, lush trees stand alone. The air is stale.There is no presence of life anywhere. The world is completely silent. Everyone has gone. Gone off to the stars to build a new home. A home that is still fit for life. A home that can grow. As the last ship had left the Earth some hundreds of years ago, the humans wept. Wept for themselves and the planet they let die right in front of them. Where are they now? Did they find a new planet? Did they treat that one better? Or are they still out there? These thoughts echo across the universe. Catching in different atmospheres. Sticking to the Earth, these thoughts create condensation. A single drop lands on the dry dirt. Leaving a petrichor that no one was around to sense. In that drop was a lone protozoa.

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The 100 Day Project : Day Two

April 7, 2015

"What was that?!" Eddie asks Lucy. "Nothing. Keep going." She replies. Eddie was regretting more and more their decision to walk through Mr. Walton's house. Mr. Walton had died about a month ago and no one had been around his house lately. Lucy thought it would be an adventure to go poking around at night, just "as a game" she said. Eddie panics "No, I definitely heard something." "It's just the ghost of Mr. Walton telling you to stop being such a baby" Lucy retorts as Eddie rolls his eyes. Lucy takes it upon herself to investigate the upper rooms while ignoring Eddie's pleas to leave. They make it through all of Mr. Walton's rooms one by one. The last door at the end of the hallway is locked. Lucy begins to pick the lock with a bobby pin she picks out of her hair and a plastic Sephora card from her wallet. "Oh well, I guess we'll never get in. Let's leave now" begins Eddie. He has had more than enough of fun on this creepy visit. Just then, Lucy exclaimed "I've got it!!" As the door slowly creaks open. The room had obviously not been touched in years, maybe decades. Thick coats of dust lay on every surface. Though it was dark, you could see all of the small trinkets that covered the shelves and the mauve color of the walls. The room looked as though it had belonged to a woman. Lucy says examining the room "I didn't know Mr. Walton had a wife." Suddenly, and without pause, a voice, that wasn't Eddie's, replies from behind. "He didn't."

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The 100 Day Project : Day One

April 6, 2015

The Day was upward of 100 degrees and the humidity could be cut with a knife. She sat under one of the only trees that wasn't occupied by another park dweller. Even in the shade she could feel the heat of the sun radiating off of everything around her. Closing her eyes she tried to listen to the sound of the soft breeze and attempted not to move. It was times like these she was glad that no one excepted her constant invitations to hang out. The more people around, the more heat they created. With her eyes still closed she thought about all that had occurred in the recent weeks. She attempted to justify all of her recent impulsive behaviors with being young and dumb. Making herself believe that her decisions had been character building. She had not wanted to admit that she let herself be swayed by someone who she, at one point, wanted nothing more than to emulate. If nothing had transpired the way it had she would still be stuck in that lifestyle. Opening her eyes, she sits up and clutches her stomach. She smiles thinking about how directionless her life was before. Two new beginnings.  #the100dayproject #100daysofmicrostories