India Sabater

Important Nothings

Run mad as often as you choose but do not faint. —Jane Austen

My Dentist Office Has Disappeared

November 3, 2015

I have called on several occasions to make a follow-up appointment for my braces. The line rings and rings and rings until it goes silent. There is no answering machine, the line just cut off. I have gone to visit the office to make an appointment in person but it seems that the building is different. I don't know how. It just looks unfamiliar from the last time I was there. I take the elevator to the sixth floor and find that the office is open but there is no one there. The waiting room looks the same. The TV is still playing Angels in the Outfield but no one is behind the desk to speak with. I go through ti the back to se if any of the doctors are around. The equipment is gone. There are no more reclining chairs, no more mouth lamps, and no more X-ray machines. Everyone and everything is gone. I walk out of the office, into the elevator, and back down to the main lobby. I hate having to research new dentists after the ones I have mysteriously vanish. This is the second time it's happened.