India Sabater

Important Nothings

Run mad as often as you choose but do not faint. —Jane Austen

The 100 Day Project: Day Six

April 11, 2015

New York City is beautiful in the winter. Specifically, Christmas time. People are constantly moving in and out of stores. God forbid you find yourself at the Macy's at Herald Square. You would need to climb over bodies and claw your way out. But, if you just take a day to watch people buy things for their loved ones you will feel this warm feeling that you can only get at the start of the winter holiday season. My favorite Location is the Union Square pop-up holiday gift shops. They pop-up in the park a month or two before christmas. I usually grab a cup of hot apple cider at the Union Square farmer's market and stroll around the gift shops listening to the sweet sounds of Christmas carols. I browse though the different selections of gifts from each store front. This is all happening while I listen to the sweet conversations that occur when a person wants to buy a loved one the perfect gift. Nothing feels more like christmas than being in this setting. If I'm lucky it might even snow. In these moments I wish it could be Christmas-time forever. Christmas carols never get old and neither does the feeling of giving.

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