India Sabater

Important Nothings

Run mad as often as you choose but do not faint. —Jane Austen

The 100 Day Project : Day Two

April 7, 2015

"What was that?!" Eddie asks Lucy. "Nothing. Keep going." She replies. Eddie was regretting more and more their decision to walk through Mr. Walton's house. Mr. Walton had died about a month ago and no one had been around his house lately. Lucy thought it would be an adventure to go poking around at night, just "as a game" she said. Eddie panics "No, I definitely heard something." "It's just the ghost of Mr. Walton telling you to stop being such a baby" Lucy retorts as Eddie rolls his eyes. Lucy takes it upon herself to investigate the upper rooms while ignoring Eddie's pleas to leave. They make it through all of Mr. Walton's rooms one by one. The last door at the end of the hallway is locked. Lucy begins to pick the lock with a bobby pin she picks out of her hair and a plastic Sephora card from her wallet. "Oh well, I guess we'll never get in. Let's leave now" begins Eddie. He has had more than enough of fun on this creepy visit. Just then, Lucy exclaimed "I've got it!!" As the door slowly creaks open. The room had obviously not been touched in years, maybe decades. Thick coats of dust lay on every surface. Though it was dark, you could see all of the small trinkets that covered the shelves and the mauve color of the walls. The room looked as though it had belonged to a woman. Lucy says examining the room "I didn't know Mr. Walton had a wife." Suddenly, and without pause, a voice, that wasn't Eddie's, replies from behind. "He didn't."

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