India Sabater

Important Nothings

Run mad as often as you choose but do not faint. —Jane Austen

The 100 Day Project: Day Three

April 8, 2015

The ground hums and slightly vibrates. It is dry and cracked. All of the Earth looks this way. Dead. Shriveled branches of formally full, lush trees stand alone. The air is stale.There is no presence of life anywhere. The world is completely silent. Everyone has gone. Gone off to the stars to build a new home. A home that is still fit for life. A home that can grow. As the last ship had left the Earth some hundreds of years ago, the humans wept. Wept for themselves and the planet they let die right in front of them. Where are they now? Did they find a new planet? Did they treat that one better? Or are they still out there? These thoughts echo across the universe. Catching in different atmospheres. Sticking to the Earth, these thoughts create condensation. A single drop lands on the dry dirt. Leaving a petrichor that no one was around to sense. In that drop was a lone protozoa.

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