India Sabater

Important Nothings

Run mad as often as you choose but do not faint. —Jane Austen

The 100 Day Project: Day Four

April 9, 2015

Neo-Amazonia. Sounds like a dream come true right? About a century back there had been a freak virus that only effected men. The world lost fifty percent of its male population. For a while afterward there were laws placed on the encouragement of choosing to biologically choosing to have sons. The women of the world came together realizing that this was an opportunity to create the first ever world matriarchy. There were successful political overthrows in every country across the globe. The more radical women decided to only have biological children with the bone marrow of other women. A process that produces more daughters. The women who wanted relationships with men had a bit of a problem. Because of the shortage of males, there seemed to be more than one woman to the existing men, a situation the radical women hated. The men were then separated and were used only for mating purposes, never love. The only love that existed now was the love between sisters, mothers, and friends. What then would happen if a pair of biological sisters fall in love with a man they were only meant to mate with?

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