India Sabater

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India, after the Salsa singer La India, not the country, or the tertiary character in Gone With the Wind. I am from Washington Heights, New York City and have a scary enthusiasm toward Jane Austen appropriations, horror movies, The Tony's, and classic films of every genre.

I graduated from California College of the Arts with a BFA in Graphic Design in 2015.

Design challenges me artistically. With every new project I'm able to experiment with many different ways of working. My passion is ever changing but centered around the themes of inclusion and exclusion.

I'm driven by the continuous need to strive for my "what and why". I'm slowly putting together the pieces of my purpose. What I have found so far is that I'm eternal through my history and the history of others and eternal through what I choose to put out into the world. 

My work focuses around different topics from the inclusions and exclusions that I've felt in my life and how they stir different emotions and words within me. I have worked in print, web and motion. Writing is my favorite medium because it describes itself and tells me the form it wants to take when it comes to design.


India Sabater

UX/UI/Visual Designer :: :: 917.459.5493




Sketch, Adobe CC, Abstract, Prototyping tools Invision and Flinto, Sketch plug-ins Amina Toolkit, Zeplin, and AnimateMate, as well as working with Agile/Scrum teams and running/working Design Sprints. I use MAC OS products and am well versed in both iOS and Android mobile design. 

Employment History :: Design 

TrueCar :: Designer

August 2015—January 2019

Internal UX design team blog, Dealer financing tools, OEM emails, Partner car buying homepages, iOS and Android native app design optimizations, internal job running tool for developers.

Freelancing :: Designer

January 2016—Present

Logo, branding and T-shirt designs for Herstorey, a personal shopper and travel blogger. Logo, branding and website for The Great Rendezvous's Camp Rendezvous, a camping experience for Black people. A  satirical TV channel logo motion graphic for a short film about "pelo malo" (bad hair), packaging illustration for a NYC cookie baker.

Weldon Owen Publishing :: Design Intern

September 2014—May 2015

Social Media advertisement (facebook, twitter, instagram), visual page elements, book tip-ins, new book print collateral, internal design projects.


August 2012—July 2013

Internal design projects, class brochures for SF Recreation Centers, event advertising collateral, SF Recreation Center regulation signs.

Employment History :: Writing

ShipwreckSF live show and ShipwreckSF podcast

Six Great Writers destroy six notable characters from one Great Book on the first monthly at the Booksmith in San Francisco. Fics are blind-read, and you choose the best ship before the writers are unmasked. The winner is cast off from polite society, and invited back the next month to defend their title.

1984 - April 2017 :: I wrote the story for "Julia" and won.

Pygmalion - May 2017 :: I wrote the story for "Sarcastic Bystander"

IT - September 2017 :: I wrote the story for "Mike Hanlon"



California College of the Arts

Bachelors of Fine Arts, Graphic Design, Spring 2015


Harry Potter Alliance

The chapter organizer of the California College of the Arts Harry Potter Alliance chapter. The Harry Potter Alliance unites fans and uses the examples in The Harry Potter book series to fight real world injustices. Held fund-raisers, book drives, food drives and continually cycle through a combination of old and new charity campaigns.


Typo Design talk Volunteer 2014

Typo is an international design talk in which I worked with the social media team, wrote and live tweeted on points the designers made about their work and design practice.



The American Library Association (ALA) is the oldest and largest library association in the world. I volunteered at the Harry Potter Alliance booth to recruit school chapter sign-up around the country and sell merchandise that funds the non-profit.


IMPACT Social Entrepreneurship Awards 2015

My group was awarded a $10,000 grant to implement our idea of an educational bike-pulled wagon for City Slickers urban farming. This solution made promoting their food justice based community outreach and education programs easier as well as more accessible.